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Oksana Studios is offering this service to the general public.

Take a photo of each or any section of your yard that you want landscaped. The shown photo is an example.

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Photo Before

The Photo Before Picture
The Client chose to take a photo of the backyard with a started pool as pictured

"Before & After"

The photo is used to create a landscape design for an AFTER photo picture. Pictured is a photo BEFORE the design. The resolution of the picture was reduced so-as-to reduce the time it takes for slower computers to upload this picture.

The purpose of the designed landscape is meant to be used as a "sample" of plantings and construction so-as-to give a client an idea of what might be some visual choices in plants, shrubs, trees, etc. It is by no means a true photograph for the "After" effect on the page that displays the "After." The difference is: A true photo is taken with a camera and the designed photo has the items superimposed (or placed on the photo) like artwork and not photography.

Designs are created from your 35mm snapshot of your property. The price range is from $35-$200 and up for the completed photo design.

It is based PER SECTION & LENGTH OF AREA. For example, starting with your front door and it's steps: a section would be to the right (one section) or the left (another section) of the front door and steps.  A swimming pool is one section such as the picture on the right. Each corner of the swimming pool are other sections (four sides). A fountain is an additional section. A rock wall or a fence are other sections if added to the design. If you just wanted a rock wall design it would count as one section and includes plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, grass and/or mulch/stones.

If you took a shot of the whole front of just your "house," it would count as two sections (right front and left front). You choose which section to design if not both. You can take a photo that includes the whole front of the house for both sections or take two separate photos of each section you want designed.

If you have a large front yard in front of your house and you want a full blown design, this would include the Left front, Left back, Right front, Right back, Left front, Left side.

  Cost is $35.00 per section.

  See The "After" of Before and After for the result.

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